Welcome to the Australian Dance Challenge SOLO championships. The ADC team has been producing prestigious professional eisteddfods and providing performance opportunities for young dancers since 2007. Under the creative direction of Ben Stokes, and sponsored by Studio Savvy, the Australian Dance Challenge has hosted over 10,000 dancers and with hundreds of studios being represented over the last 15 years. This year to celebrate our 15th year of Australian Dance Challenge we’re bringing back our much-loved SOLO and DUO/TRIO dance competition. 


So what makes ADC different from other competitions? To start, we believe that eisteddfods should be stress-free FUN experiences not just for dancers but for their families and for their teachers. Our production team are passionately obsessed with our mission to create an eisteddfod that all of our participants LOVE. At the Australian Dance Challenge it’s all about the show. We want to make certain that all of our dancers experience the magic of performing to an engaged and captivated audience, and get to feel like true superstars. We’ve got crazy prizes, amazing judges, awesome sound, professional lighting and a friendly team.

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Monday 27th to Thursday 30th of September (the second week of the NSW school holidays). We will be scheduling in age blocks, because we know from experience how annoying it is when eisteddfods spread age groups over several days. 



You’re going to love this one! Our 2021 event will be held at the absolutely beautiful Campbelltown Arts Centre. 1 Art Gallery Rd, Campbelltown NSW 2560. And please don’t let the name “Campbelltown” fool you, this place is really lovely. It’s a gorgeous and well-equipped theatre attached to an art gallery. There’s a fantastic garden cafe onsite, the stage size is generously large, there’s great dressing room facilities and even space for warming up. 



Not the cheapest dance competition in town… but certainly not the most expensive. With consideration we priced our entry fees as reasonably as possible so that we could have the budget to provide an outstanding experience for our participants without it being prohibitive to a (let’s admit it) already stretched dancer’s family bank account. We also wanted to avoid charging a bunch of annoying additional fees like admin fee, program fee, performer fee, sitting fee, breathing fee, fees fee. Let’s just keep it simple. 


Entry fee is $45 per routine (whether solo, duo, trio or anything in between)


This covers everything. So if you’re looking at that thinking “ooh that’s expensive” consider that there’s no other hidden charges that often add up when entering eisteddfods. Your program is free. You’re not going to be charged for an email to be sent to you. You don’t have to pull 20c out of your purse for a report. 


Improvisations are cheaper (and also we do these differently to other comps… more info further down). Impros are only $20 to enter. 


The only other cost to consider is how much spectator tickets are.
They’re $30 per adult (or $15 per child under 12). 

This is a day rate. We only do day rates. And if you’ve got your calculator out - keep in mind, we’re not going to spread out 8/u sections across 872 different sessions at $9 per session to watch. $30 flat rate to get in to watch, and convenient scheduling so that you’re not spending your entire school holidays eisteddfoding. 



We went with odd numbers. We like to be different. Age is based on first day of competition, which is 27/9/2021. 



Jazz, Hip Hop, Lyrical, Contemporary, Classical Ballet, Demi Character, Slow Tap, Fast Tap, Entertainment/Variety (which would include Musical Theatre, Song & Dance, Song & Tap, Song & Soft Shoe, Song & Hard Shoe, Song & Steel-capped Boot, Acro, Broadway Jazz, National Character, plate spinning and pretty much anything that doesn’t fit into the other sections.) And then there’s Jazz Impro, Hip Hop Impro, and Lyrical/Contemporary Impro. And Singing… we also have Singing. Three sections of Singing: Uptempo/Pop, Ballad and Musical Theatre. 


We also have a something we call the “Encouragement Section” which is a performance opportunity where every dancer receives a prize. No winner is selected. The dancers get feedback from the adjudicator and the opportunity for stage experience without the pressure of competing. This is ideal for dancers who are new to competing as a soloist and want a positive, fulfilling and gentle introduction into this crazy eisteddfod world. 



A brand new never before seen unique improvisation experience. 


It’s like regular impros but without cruelly subjecting the audience to the same song 17 times. No more standing alone in the wings nervously trying to figure out whether or not to start on or off stage and whether to end in a leg mount or a leg mount. 


It’s like eliminations but without the demoralising bruised ego of being kicked off the stage like a voted out Survivor competitor. 


Picture this. All of the competitors (no more than 10 at a time), donned with competitor numbers, take their places on the large stage and hold their starting pose. They have never heard the music. That’s right… this is TRUE EXTREME IMPROVISATION. 100% hardcore!! Soooo much fun. The music plays and they dance for about a minute, cleverly and cooperatively using the stage to avoid barahni-ing each other in the head. Then the music ends. They hold their final post. The adjudicator writes down a score for each competitor, judged on performance, technique and most importantly choreography. Then a different song plays and they all dance again, this time showing their versatility and adaptability to different types of music within the genre. Scores. Then one more time to a third song. Scores. Some maths. Then results. It’s adrenaline-pumping, exhilarating extreme sports for dancers… and they’re going to LOVE IT! So is the audience. “Let the games begin.”


What to wear for improvisation sections?

Costumes are allowed. We recommend something relatively versatile that would suit a range of different songs. Costume will not be scored - it’s just for the sake of the performers getting to feel awesome and the audience enjoying the spectacle of the event. 



We will announce closer to the event, but anyone who has been part of the Australian Dance Challenge knows that we always secure incredible industry elite professional judges. For previous years we’ve had legends like Kelley Abbey, Matt Lee, Cameron Mitchell, Leah Howard… and dozens more industry leaders who bring experience and gravitas to the competition… plus really good feedback. 


To avoid adjudicator fatigue, we usually schedule our adjudicators in 5 hour blocks. 


We’re doing audio critiques for this competition.
Because they're cool... and we don’t want our scribes to get an RSI. 



If McDonalds has stopped using plastic straws, then we’re not going to even dare handing out plastic trophies. Once again, prizes are something we do differently here at the Australian Dance Challenge. We can’t actually tell you what they are yet… but we can assure you they’re cool and they’ll look a whole lot better in your trophy cabinet than another arched-back gold-plated lady statue making her chiropractor cringe whilst holding a hat. We’ve also been known to give out some money prizes too. Especially for older age groups.



  • Time limit for all routines is 3 minutes.

  • No prompting for any age.

  • Sportsmanship behaviour is expected.

  • The adjudicators will been instructed to deduct marks for any lyrics, costumes or

choreography which they would categorise as “inappropriate” for the age of the competitor and/or for a family friendly event.

  • No filming or photos from any audience members is allowed.

  • No photos or videos in any of the dressing room areas.

  • Competitors must be ready to perform in program order when called.



  • We’re very focused on our ambition to create a solo eisteddfod where the performers actually feel like they’ve got an attentive, supporting, interested and respectful audience. We don’t allow movement around the theatre whilst performances are in progress.

  • We have allocated seating in the front row of the audience for the competitors of each section to sit and get to watch each other perform. We believe it’s an important part of the competition experience, for dancers to learn from each other and support each other. Each dancer will go backstage one full routine before they perform, to provide them the time to ensure they’re warm, hyped and focused for their performance. 

  • Whilst we do enjoy bringing our silly sense of humour plus a healthy dose of pragmatic perspective to the world of solo eisteddfods, we also take the responsibility of producing a professional and fair competition for all participants. We have many years of experience working with elite dancers and industry professionals.



Comps-online. Click here to enter.

Entries officially close on the 31st August, but we think it will probably sell out before then. Don’t put it off, you can enter now.

We will be using Music Uploads for all music, as well as for the delivery of the audio critiques. You will need an account with them. 



If more Covid things happen and we can’t run the comp we will provide a full refund to everyone. We won’t take it online. And if for any reason the date changes, we will offer the option for a refund. If you decide not to come because it clashes with your Aunty’s birthday picnic, unfortunately we can’t refund. 



>> Will there be a microphone for Singing sections? 

Yes. A handheld wireless microphone will be provided.


>> Is information available about which age groups will be on which days?

No. We can’t anticipate the number of entries we will receive for any specific section, and so it would be impossible to promise certain days for certain age groups. We will know when the event is full or when entries close. Either way, we will be as speedy as possible in letting all participants know so that families can plan their schedules accordingly. 


>> Will you be accepting late entries and entries on the day?

Probably not. But we might make an exception if there’s a cancellation and the spot that was scheduled into the program can be allocated to a different performer. 


>> Will there be tarkett on the stage?



>> Can we use rosin?



>> Do teachers have to pay to get in?

Up to two teachers per studio are welcome to attend for free. 


>> Should we enter Australian Dance Challenge Solos? I’m just not sure?

Yes. You should :) We’re keen to make this event pretty special, and we really think you’re going to enjoy it. 


You can email australiandancechallenge@gmail.com or if it's urgent, you can call our event director on 0402 119 073

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